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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

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Red Sox
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Boston Red Sox

Welcome to the LiveJournal Community for the Boston Red Sox. This is a community dedicated to one of the most popular and historic franchises in American sports and to the millions of fans in Red Sox Nation.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Community and the Red Sox

Click Here for Wikipedia's Fairly Comprehensive Entry on the Red Sox

Your moderators are:
steaksammich - capheine - frawst - maggiesox - snbgizmo - wends - 0bsessions


AAA: Pawtucket Red Sox (International League)
AA: Portland Sea Dogs (Eastern League)
A: Salem Red Sox (Carolina League)
A: Greenville Drive (South Atlantic League)
A: Lowell Spinners (New York-Penn League)
Rookie: GCL Red Sox (Gulf Coast League)


New England Sports Network - The Boston Globe - The Boston Herald - The Hartford Courant - The Portland Press Herald - The Providence Journal - Boston Dirt Dogs - The House that Dewey Built - Over the Monster - The Soxaholix - Sox on Deck - Red Sox Prospects - Sons of Sam Horn

Posting Guidelines

Read the latest posts in the community before you write your own. If someone has already started a thread along the same vein of what you were about to post, continue the discussion in the first thread instead of posting your own. We do not need two posts about the same thing stacked right on top of each other.

In the interest of not wasting anyone's time, all posts should contain something substantive for the community at large to discuss. While we're sure we'd all be just as thrilled as you are to meet a player or attend a game, posts of pictures or stories relating to you personally should remain in your own journal and not in the community at large. If you have questions about whether your post fits this criteria, chances are it doesn't.

We want people to be excited about the team we all love. We want people to share interesting news, game experiences, and even the thrill of getting to go to your first game at Fenway Park. What we would like to see reduced, though, are six different posts about the Red Sox "Queer Eye" episode when one will do, or "WOO BIG PAPI HOME RUN!" one-line posts that should probably go in the Official Game Post (OGP). To be safe, just assume that any game-related posts created outside of the daily OGP will be deleted.

As one mod put it, treat this community like you would a sports bar environment. You wouldn't walk up to someone at the bar and yell "HEY LOOK AT MY PINK JACOBY ELLSBURY t-shirt!". We have over 1900 members and some great contributors who often have their posts buried under a pile of useless ones. If you think most of the community probably won't be interested in your post, it might be best to put it on your own journal. Also, please keep in mind not all Red Sox fans are fans of other New England sports. So this is not the place for Patriots, Celtics, Bruins or other non-Sox team info.

For the most part, the community tries to keep up an air of literary maturity; so if you want your contributions to be taken seriously, it's a good idea to proofread your posts. Spell words correctly. Punctuate where appropriate. Go easy on the caps lock. Be coherent. Basically, don't let how you're writing detract from what you're writing.

Trolling & General Asshattery

This is NOT an anti-Yankees or Yankee bashing community. Sure, we'll give the Yankees their rightful beatdown, but if you're just looking for a good old-fashioned Yankee/Red Sox spew-fest that is nothing but insults and homoerotic suggestions about what Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez do after the game, you're in the wrong place. We recommend anti_yankees or sox_yankees for that.

Any sort of trolling posts or other inflammatory crap will be deleted swiftly, or conversely we will leave it up and amuse ourselves by mocking the offender. However, if you enjoy the attention we'll just delete it. We don't want to spoil you.

RESPECT. Personal attacks, hate-speech, and derogatory comments toward members will obviously result in bad bad things, so just don't do it.

Please LINK to news articles rather than paste the text into a post. This gives proper credit and also reduces long posts. If you MUST paste the article (i.e. If it is an article you need to register for), please put it under a cut.

PLEASE make sure your personal posts go in your personal LiveJournal. You do NOT want 1800 members to read about your bad skin condition or about how you cried because Old Navy ran out of performance fleece.

We also don't need a daily update about the standings. Everyone knows what place the Red Sox are in, and if you do not there are a dozen sites out there where you can find out that information.

Any suggestions on how to make this a better place? Here is the place to make them. If we do end up deleting one of your posts and you have a question or feel that it was done unjustly, click here to talk to us about it.

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