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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation



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Boston pride
What a freakin year... Worst to first again!

#WinDanceRepeat gimmick is interesting...

Sandoval better not show up this season at all tbh.

  • Re: "You won the game, great. We still won the division."

    I can let last night go solely to give Texeira the grace of retiring on a high with that walkoff.
    • Re:

      There are a few things I can give to NYY. Derek Jeter is probably one of the finest players ever to set foot on a baseball diamond. I can't recall a time when Joe Torre ever held Boston in ill regard. And overall, the rivalry is very good for baseball.

      I remember when Hideki Matsui broke his wrist in a sickening catch, and I dearly hoped that wasn't season ending, or worse, career ending for him. (Fortunately, it wasn't.) Everyone should have a good outing at the twilight of their career.
      • Ugh I remember seeing that Matsui injury. He was one of the few NYY players I legitimately feared, lol...

        Tonight isn't looking that good for us either, ah well!
        • Tonight isn't looking that good for us either, ah well!

          Sing with me: "hi-ho, hi-ho, it's to the post season we go..."

          I don't know anyone in The Bronx who's singing that tune tonight.
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