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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

Finally broke the slump. Predictions anyone?

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Boston pride
Finally broke the slump. Predictions anyone?

  • I predict I'll shell out for the rip off cable's become....next year.

    Weirdly this is the first season I haven't bothered with much since about now in 2003. I had no cable last year but kept the radio on. Never even did that at all this year.
  • I don't think they have a chance at getting anywhere near the playoff race this year. They just haven't pulled together as a team like they did last year.

    Lots of rookie players playing like rookie players. They have pulled so many players up from AAA, that aren't really ready for the big show yet, that we are fielding a AAA team, not a major league team and I can only imagine how frustrated players like Pedroia and Ortiz are with that.

    Maybe next year we'll have some hope again, but not this year.

    I'm not being a fair weather fan, I'm just being realistic. I have tickets to the game on September 9th, I'm still going.
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