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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

All the internet cookies in the world

All the internet cookies in the world

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red sox, bling
to the person who produces an MP3 of Dave O'Brien absolutely losing his shit over David Ortiz's grand slam in tonight's game, so I can listen to it a lot. Also, general dancing in the streets (of Hyannis) shall take place in the comments of this post.
  • *dances along with icon*

    I actually also love the Tigers -- I live in Michigan now, and no, sadly, it is not in my budget to go see a game this week; I did get to go to Cleveland in '07, though, and it was the GOOD game in Cleveland -- so this series is a little bit weird for me and I'll be glad when it's over so I can cheer on whichever of my teams survived as they try to put the smack down on the Dodgers or Cardinals, but man, that was epic.
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    • The comment emails I got include the link, at least, so I'll be grabbing that too, thanks! But boo to spam filtering that also filters real comments. :P
  • Fuck yeah!

    I'm totally still too excited to sleep at 3am, it's 2003/04 and Tom Brady and David Ortiz just won the game, and I'm 19 and not 29 and won't be dead tomorrow (and LJ is still a thing outside Russia). Hell yes.

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  • Quick before EEI makes a copyright claim!

    Edited at 2013-10-14 07:35 am (UTC)

    • When Boston scores, everyone raises their... appendages!

      Edited at 2013-10-15 04:15 am (UTC)
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