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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

Opening Day OGP?

Opening Day OGP?

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Boston pride
Anyone else gonna be there? My dad and I will...
  • Nope. I'll be there on Sunday with my boyfriend and his parents, though.
  • I'll be there tomorrow!
  • Well that opening cermeony avoided anything terribly cheesey, always a risk these days. Also, Salty's mechanics throwing (and so far batting) are awful.
  • Yay! We're already down 2-0!

    Edited at 2011-04-08 06:18 pm (UTC)
  • Lackey is leaving most of his pitches up as if his arm is dragging.
  • Johnny Pesky is looking pretty fragile this year. It'll be a sad day in Red Sox Nation the day he passes.
    • I taped the game so I could watch if we won. I thought the very brief glimpse I got he looked pretty spry for 91. But then again, he was just standing there. And yes-it will be a very sad day. :(

      *off to watch the fun*
  • HR!
  • Hey Lackey, Could you find the strike zone?
  • Did Crawford stand that open with TB? He looks constantly off ballance swinging.
  • (no subject) - mcsnee
  • !The Great Rotundo!
  • You know, it says something about this season when I'm more shocked to see "in play, out(s)" rather than "in play, run(s)" on Gameday while we're pitching.
  • Well the pitching staff isn't keeping more runs off the board, so eat Colon (and whoever else) alive.
  • God damnit.
  • The bullpen gets a one run lead. Here's the fun* part!

    *I don't have a ton of confidence in Jenks, Bard or Papelbon yet this year.
  • Manny Ramirez just retired a week into the season? Huh? Wtf?

    Then again he did look very unmotivated last year and he was becoming a textbook "old player" in that his game was all OBP- singles and walks. He could still go out and post a .400 obp but that's the only thing he could do.
  • I've gotta say, the Manny thing is surprising, especially if - as it sounds - he got busted again. I had wondered what was up when he was out of the lineup for 2 days for "personal reasons," but I wasn't expecting this.
  • Ok Papelbon, you've got 3 runs to not suck.
  • YES PLZ.
  • Now THAT'S the Red Sox we all know and Love!
    Go Sox!
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