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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

Bandwagon Fans, This Is Your Stop

Bandwagon Fans, This Is Your Stop

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Watch the gap between the car and the platform, or don't. I'm tired of hearing bandwagon fans complain. If you think this is bad, where have you been the last 8 decades? Not that I've been around for the last 80 years either, but that's besides the point. This team used to be 5 games back of a playoff spot come August and the fans would still rally around them. Now we lead the wild card but our offense has been in a slump for a couple weeks so we're going to miss the playoffs. Really?

These are the Red Sox. Life isn't all sunshine and lollipops. We aren't going to have the best record in baseball virtually the entire season every year. And we aren't some kind of reigning dynasty, whose fans should feel entitled to win. I know everyone likes to win, but we've won twice in the last four years. I never thought I'd see the Red Sox win once in my lifetime. So either stop whining, and just watch the season play out, or jump ship to the current hot team. I'd suggest the Angels. If you can't have thick skin and a sense of humor you probably shouldn't be a fan of the Red Sox.
  • Yeah some "fan" in the OGP said and I quote, "You know what? I OFFICALLY give up on this team. Wake me up when it's April of '09 will ya?"

    If that was said to me in person, I'd tell them to fuck off and don't come back. What a joke of a fan that person is.
  • I agree with you entirely. The Red Sox have done this to us for years and years.

    My feeling is, though, that they will make things interesting again.

    We just need to hang on for dear life and watch the roller coaster go up, down, and round and round.
  • this is baseball, this is the red sox. Fans everywhere, no matter what team, overreact and say things they don't mean when the team is playing like crap. The team is playing like crap now. We all know that there are 2 long months of baseball left and that there will be ups and downs. You can't fault people for a passing feeling of hopelessness, because really, the red sox are playing terrible baseball right now. There's nothing wrong with holding the team to a high standard. Just like people say that the team will never make the playoffs and all that blah blah blah-ness, we also shouldn't have a sense of complacency when they play the way they are. Sorry but I'm not going to be one to sit here and say, "oh, it's ok boys, you've lost an entire series to the A's, almost got no hit last night, have lost 8 of 12 since the all-star break or whatever, but it's ok, you'll do better next time..." That just isn't Boston baseball fan style, but to have that passion when they win, you also have to know that the fans will have that same passion when the team is losing.
    • I agree with some of your points here. It's good to be passionate, it's fine to hold your team to a high standard. But when the fans start saying "I give up on this year" when we currently have a playoff spot, we're beginning to act like Yankees fans. We aren't entitled to win anything. And I have to believe it's mostly the bandwagon fans who are acting spoiled and saying the season's over because we aren't having a cookie cutter dream season like 2007 when we look like the team to beat the entire year.

      Believe me, it kills me to watch the team play like this. But if you actually watched the team before 2007, you should be used to this. To me, the core of an identity of a Red Sox fan is that no matter how badly their team plays, no matter how long it's been since we last won, no matter how many games out we are, we still have faith in our team. At least that's the bond I've always felt I had with other Red Sox fans.
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  • If the season ends today, the Boston Red Sox are in the playoffs.

    This weekend, we play the A's, who just got swept by Kansas City (in Oakland) at home.

    Don't abandon all hope just yet.
  • I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention I was too busy ordering my Tampa Ray jersey..

    (Just kidding, although I will admit I becane a Celtics bandwagoner last year, although in my defense, I am a Heat fan, so it was either that or not pay attention at all to basketball...)
  • It's not August 2006...yet!

    It's pretty ugly right now (4-8 post ASB), but we've seen this post-ASB garbage before and it doens't always continue.
    • It's a 162 game season. Offenses get hot and since the All-Star break we've only scored 3.6, even with the addition of David Ortiz. That's obviously not going to continue.
  • We played pretty poorly after the ASG in 2004.

    Then we traded away a tempermental, injury prone-All Star.

    Then we won the World Series.

  • I'm also a Mets fan, and we were playing like shit in the beginning of this year, and I still watched the games and rooted for them. Leading the wild card and being in a (possibly/hopefully temporary) slump isn't gonna make me stop liking a team after I went through loving and watching a once-fourth place team. I may have become a Red Sox fan only last year, but sucking isn't going to make me stop loving them.
  • oh im sure i yelled some obscenities at the television tonight and said something about making Beckett sleep in the yard or something during the game, but I'm still sitting here in my hat waiting anxiously for the next game.

    im a new fan for sure. i got into the game and the team from watching games for my old roommate when she went to work. plus it is my dad's favorite team so its something we can share. but im damn passionate about it none the less.
  • p.s. I know frustration though, I've been a Seattle Seahawks fan my entire life. talk about heartbreak!
  • I haven't seen you around much before, but I like what you've been saying around here. Thanks for being rational enough to bring some people back down to earth and smack some sense into them.
  • sometimes you win
    sometimes you lose
    sometimes it rains

    sometimes people watch a baseball team lose a game in july and fail to understand why the game is still wonderful
  • We've all been through this same cycle before. The Sox will break out of it (hopefully) and play like the team we all know they are. I think once the trade deadline is gone and over (Manny here or Manny gone)the Sox will start to hit and play like we know they can.

    Every team goes through slumps, some worse than others. Hey, I survived 1986 (though I was only 5 then) and 2003 and 2006.

    We can survive this too. And I will continue to wear my red sox hat and t-shirts to the very end.

    GO SOX!
  • everrrrry time! it wouldn't be the red sox if they didn't do things like this. it was starting to get a little too easy to be a red sox fan :)

    and obviously i'm sure the atmosphere isn't great with all of these rumors and whatever the heck manny has been up to... but this too shall pass.

    p.s.-- this is off topic, and please ignore it if it doesn't apply to your tastes, but i was just wondering what other people think. i became a sox fan in 99. i feel like not only has theo made a lot of obviously good moves, but around the same time he came in the entire team seemed to get more attractive. those first few years for me there were like 3 guys i considered attractive. now i would venture to say it's up to about half of them. thoughts?
    • Er, I really don't look at any of the players that way. Although when one of our guys makes one of those "HOLYSHITDIDYOUSEETHAT?!" catches, I do want to have his kittens.
  • Well said! I totally agree.
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