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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

baseball's darkest secret revealed

baseball's darkest secret revealed

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shinjuku tokyo
So we're moving next weekend (ugh), and tonight my other half discovered his childhood baseball card collection while cleaning out a bookcase. We were having a good time going through it, laughing at Jerry Remy's career ;), counting the many different Dick Pole (!) cards, etc. ... until we stumbled across the most horrifying revelation imaginable. One that threatens to shake the foundation of Red Sox Nation to its very core.

What is it?

Yes, folks, Tim McCarver, Mr. Derek-Jeter-Is-My-Dreamboat-And-The-Yankees-Can-Do-No-Wrong, played for the Red Sox. According to baseball-reference.com, he was in Boston for a total of 23 games across the end of the 1974 and start of the 1975 seasons. (This card is from 1975.)

Who the hell knew?! We certainly didn't ...
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