the broken radio was playing suicide (volare) wrote in redsox,
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Game 6 OGP

Lackey vs Wacha

1918... yeah we've heard it a hundred times already.
Carlton Fisk finally gets his chance to throw the first pitch...

Pants, beards, whatever your mojo is, work it!

Officer Horgan's fanclub

...imma just party in the tags :p



Tags: 2013: from worst to first, beard mojo, bogaerts, david ortiz, dustin pedroia, fenway, i got my mojo working, jacoby ellsbury, john farrell, jonny gomes, koji uehara almost threw up, koji: best $9m ever spent, ogp, steve horgan's playoff beard, this is our "bleeeeep" city, thread needs more tags, vctorinohhhhhhhh, world series
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