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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

All Stars and Team Bifurcation

All Stars and Team Bifurcation

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So far I get Pedroia and Buckholz as our All-stars.  If Victorino were healthy, he is a real star that's for sure.  Jacoby is excellent too but his AVE is too lov.  John Lester is pretty solid these days with Tazawa and Uehara consistent, stabilizing forces in the pen, though I wonder how long they can log this much work
Then there are some unsung people like Daniel Nava, to some extent Napoli though his AVE and strikeout totals are sub-par.
...and of course, the once beloved David Ortiz who is now in the baseball limbo of suspicion.  I myself like Nava's emergence as a solid player they can rely on.

Righjt now they are playing like two teams:  the major league team and the AAA team.  Farrell is proving to be a hands on manager who is helping the team develop.
  • David Ortiz is still beloved, he's raking, and he hasn't failed a drug test in the nine seasons since the mandatory drug testing program was implemented. Omit him from your all-stars at your peril.

    Dan Shaughnessy, on the other hand, is a halfwit.
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