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Another Beautiful Day in Red Sox Nation

The worst experience of my life

The worst experience of my life

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Let me start by saying I love my fair share of good heckling, and good-natured ball-busting of fans of opposing teams. And I also realize that you're bound to run into some harrassment when you sit in the middle of a rival team's bleachers wearing a bright red Red Sox Beckett shirt. But the stuff I heard/saw/got pelted with tonight was just outrageous, disgraceful, and horribly wrong and embarassing to the human race.

I sat in the bleachers in right center, section 39 row P seat 6 (I believe the people around me were "bleacher creatures"). Keep in mind these are ALCOHOL FREE SECTIONS. As soon as i stepped foot in the aisle when I arrived, I was greeted (along with my 26 year old brother and his 24 year old girlfriend) to a loud chant of "Asshole, asshole!" along with a Braves-like tomahawk chop. It was funny, I laughed, then took my seat. There was 1 sox fan in the row directly in front of me, and 3 sox fans in the row in front of him, so there were all in all a group of 7 of us, by ourselves, wearing bright red shirts in the middle of a sea of dark blue.

At first, the heckles were about Boston and the players, which is all fine. "Go back to Boston!" "Go back and drink your tea, have some chowdah, pahk the cah in hahvahd yahd". This was when the Yankees were up 2-0. Then the Red Sox started to pour it on and it was 5-2 after 4.  All of a sudden, any Red Sox fan walking up the aisle was greeted to a "Fenway faggots" chant. One time, a guy and a girl came walking up, and the whole section (39, which was also joined by the adjacent section, 41) "she's a slut!!". I thought that was a little harsh but still, they were losing, whatever.

An entire group of Yankees fans was standing up and yelling at the group of 3 sox fans in front of us, but when the group of Sox stood up, the cop came over and said, quite clearly to the SOX FANS, "if i see you standing up again I'm going to shove this stick straight up your ass" which drew a gigantic cheer from the crowd.

Then it came to be 10-3 and the shit hit the fan. One Sox fan in the group of 3 (2 rows in front of me) had a cigarette, so the entire section complained and got all 3 of them kicked out. The security guard actually raised his arms for the section to CHEER for him while he was kicking out the sox fans. On their way out, a Yankees fan elbowed a sox fan in the face, but the cop started yelling at the sox fan even more while the section hooted and hollared. Pretty soon it was just my brother, me, his girlfriend, and the guy in front of us. They started to harrass the girlfriend. They started with chants of "pussy, pussy". Then a guy behind us started yelling "hey, she's got her hair in blowjob handles!! (she had pigtails tonight)". Then all we heard for a while was shouts of "go back to Boston you fucking homos!" "Get the fuck out of New York you fucking cock suckers!". As the Red Sox kept scoring, I kept getting pelted with plastic cups, peanuts, and other shit. The dudes behind us kept calling my bro's girlfriend a bimbo, a slut, a whore, they kept calling us homos. We kept getting pelted. 

After more chants of "fenway faggots!", these guys behind my brother's girlfriend really started saying some nasty shit to her, just so many random sexual, horrible insults that she actually started to climb the bleachers to strangle the guy. My brother caught her and held her back before she did anything, but when she stopped, she burst into tears and started walking down the aisle and out of the stadium, in the top of the 6th which drew a massive cheer from the section, and the cops did nothing. We followed her, took some abuse from a bunch of yankees fans leaving on the way to our car (a lot were leaving, it was 11-3 at this point in the 6th). We were forced to take our shirts off in the car to avoid people jumping our car and kicking in our taillights. 

All three of us felt so used, so violated, and so pissed. She didn't stop crying in the car for a long time. Thank God my girlfriend didn't go, she wouldn't have been able to take as much as my bro's girl did before breaking down.

I realize that I was in the bleachers, wearing bright red shirts, and probably was inviting harrassment because of it. But that is taking it 100% too far. You don't shout out personal, disgusting, childish shots at people. You don't break people down emotionally and cheer when they start to cry, just because of what shirt they're wearing. You might as well just walk up to a black person and call them a fucking nigger. It's the same thing and 100% as wrong. I know Red_Mustang got beer dumped on him at Fenway once, and I realize 100% that every team has their asshole fans. But this was two entire sections of sober people, and I am still so disgusted. I would go back definiteiy, the view from there is great and the insults didn't infuriate me as much as make me sad for the human race. But please, don't bring your girlfriends there.

I forgot to mention this above, but before you click on the cut, it's a pretty long rant and has some bad words in it (mostly ones I am merely repeating from Yankees fans).
  • Thats horrible. I am all for home-field pride and love to ride a little yankee fan butt in Fenway, but just at the beginning, and just if they're an asshole, and in a joking way. I am so sorry that happened to you, thats really upsetting, low and immature. Karma, I'm telling you, they'll get theirs. At least we won!
  • Yeah, but Sox fans are jerks for booing Johnny Damon.

    I've been to the upper deck four times and it was rather tame by comparison. Just a few peanuts and an attempt to steal my hat. But then again the Yankees never lost quite as badly. Nothing makes the Yankee knuckledraggers resort to schoolyard crap like their team getting totally outclassed and humiliated.

    You just gotta have thick skin. If you know what you're in for, maybe it's not as traumatizing.
  • !!! My god. I'm all for ball-busting, but thats just wrong. I apologize on behalf of the human race. Jeez
  • Good natured joking is one thing, but harrasment is another. If you were a Yankee fan, and Red Sox fans in Fenway treated you the same way, I'd be just as pissed off. I love the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, but turning it into a blood feud is stupid. It's a lot more enjoyable if it doesn't turn into an excuse for bad behavior. Boo at the villains, joke with the rival fans and gloat when you're on top, but don't be an a-hole. I'd take a civil Yankees fan over a jerk-off of a Red Sox fan any day of the week.
    • Yeah I definitely agree. I hate jerk fans no matter who you cheer for. If it was like a few guys I'd understand they were being jerk-offs. But I got unlucky with a whole section or 2 of jerk-offs and it shocked the hell out of me.
  • There's no excuse for behavior like that, I don't give a damn how much somebody's team is losing. And as sick as that all is to even read, I think one of the most disturbing parts to me had to be the behavior of the cops. I don't know much about New York cops, so I don't even know if I should be surprised by that or not, but it's just totally fucked up that they were, if anything, making the situation even worse for the Sox fans there. Go New York. -_-
    • Yeah seriously. The crowd started to chant "New York's finest!" when the fans got kicked out.

      Then on the way to our car, we were being harassed again, and my brother asked a cop to follow us into the parking lot so we didn't get jumped. But the cop said "you'll be fine, there's a cop in there".

      There wasn't.
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  • And this is why I have no desire to ever even go NEAR Yankee Stadium... I pretty much have to be DRAGGED to New York City, even if it's on someone else's dime.
  • my roommate and i have bleacher seats for tonight... i plan on wearing as much red as i can. ive done it in the past and survived with nothing more than the asshole chant, but what you went through is pretty harsh. thats definately crossing the line. especially if you werent yelling anything back... oy.
    • Eeek...after reading the original post, I don't think I'm going to wear anything sox related tonight. I might throw on my Yankee Haters hat (it looks very much like a real Yankees hat...it confuses all my friends), but definitely no red.

  • Oh my god. You must have been the people my friend was talking about. I'm so sorry.
  • and the thing I find sad is that you couldn't watch the sox whoop the yankees' ass cuz you were forced to leave.

    does anything of this sort happen at fenway? i've only been to one NYY/BOS game and never seen anything like this, but i sat in the grandstands, and i hear plenty of stories about what goes on in the bleachers...
  • These guys sound much like the prick from UMass that gave me shit when me and 4 of my buddies went to a Red Wings/Bruins game at the FleetCenter up in the balcony in full Red Wings regalia. I learned some new words that night, and they were brutal to the women that were there (we left ours at home).

    You sat in the Yankee Stadium bleachers during a Sox/Yanks game. That area is notorious, almost WORLD-FAMOUS for this kind of behavior. Didn't you know this going in?

    Not that any of this was deserved or warranted, but those seats attract every kind of lowlife piece of shit. The idea that the police encourage and often participate in such harrassment is disappointing but somehow not entirely surprising. I feel bad for the female members of your group. Then again, those Yankee fans were probably confused by having a woman sit so close to them without vomiting or spraying them with mace.

    I find it interesting you say it's the worst experience of your life and that you felt used and violated but that you'll go back again? You must enjoy pain.

    "Yes Mister Steinbrenner, please let me pay you to make me feel unsafe and treat me like less than a human being! Beat me harder! Harder, Daddy, harder!"
  • $10 says the chanters were Vinny and Tony from Brooklyn with gold chains and hairy arms.
  • The "bleacher creatures" are actually far dumber than the college crowds at Fenway Park. I know, it's almost hard to believe, but it's actually true.
  • apparently you got pretty typical treatment from the bleacher creatures. seattle fans experienced this. being a sox fan, i think you're lucky you didn't get jumped. shit like that would never happen at fenway. new yorkers...what can you say?
  • From now on I'm saying "FUCK THE YANKEES AND THEIR FANS!" With the exception of my best friend who believe it or not is a Yankee fan but he would never pull the shit I read here. Seriously fuck everyone of those people in those two sections that is down right fucked and is an insult to the game of baseball. And the cops wow that's even more fucked.
  • *shakes head* what get me is the cops didn't do anything but oh yeah that's right cuz it was thier turf as if that makes it all better *scoffs*
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  • Can you say, superiority complex?

    It's a shame your visit was so bad. There are a few fans like that on both sides of the rivalry. It sucks you had to deal with them all night.
    • Haha are you saying I have a superiority complex or the bleacher creatures do? I'm guessing them.

      Either way, I know there are fans like that on both sides of the rivalry as well as among the fanbases of every single team in the majors. I was just shocked that this was a few SECTIONS rather than a few fans.
  • Asshole fans don't shock me anymore, but it really upset me that the cop would act that way. The corruption makes me sad.
  • Although I think what happened was wrong, I'd also would have thought you would have been smart enough to realize that bleachers weren't the best place to be. Even I won't go to the bleachers at Yankee Stadium and I'm a Yankees fan. I also won't go to the bleachers for a Yankees/Red Sox game at Fenway. It's just not a smart thing to do. It's kinda like playing in traffic. Sooner or later you're bound to get hit by a semi.
  • Well, glad I read this. I also wasn't aware of bleacher creatures and will definitely keep that in mind if/when I attempt to see a game in the Bronx
  • Wow

    I've only seen Yankees-Sox games in New York because the tickets are far easier to get in Yankee Stadium than they are at Fenway (cheaper, too). I've never seen it that bad; the worst was during the Pedro "Who's Your Daddy" Game 2 in 2004.

    That being said, I also never sat in the bleachers.
  • The behavior of the cops is what I find appalling.
    • Not really surprising. There are many NYPD cops that give the entire department a horrible name.
  • You should absolutely complain to stadium management, and ask for your money back.

    I am really sorry to hear that this happened. As a long-time Sox fan who until recently lived in New Haven, it was easier to go to Sox-Yankees games in the Bronx than in Fenway. The alcohol-free bleachers used to be a nice place to sit, either because they were full of college fans like us, or often because they were full of Japanese fans, often tourists, who used to bring beautiful paper lanterns and flags to wave in support of Matsui.

    I guess this is so upsetting in part because it's gotten so much harder to take my nine-year-old brother to games anywhere, and it's sad to know that the alcohol-free bleachers at Yankee Stadium have to be crossed off my list.

    Would people be interested in co-signing a letter to the New York Times and </i>Boston Globe about civility, safety and responsible security at games? If so, let me know and I'll make a post for a draft, and folks can edit/comment with their signatures.
  • Wow, that's completely unjustified. What really bothers me is that the cops were so obviously biased. I've never seen any cop at Fenway behave that way.

    I mean, everyone loves a little heckling. It's part of the game, but making someone CRY? That's so uncalled for.

    My ass would have been thrown out after the "blowjob handles" bit. I would have killed someone.

    I'm really sorry you had such a terrible experience. Do you mind if I link this post to my journal? There are some people I think should read this.
  • That's disappointing, to put it lightly. It's one thing to talk shit to the fans of the visiting team (historic archrivals from hell or otherwise), but if even HALF of your report on the actual words used by the Yankee fans is true... mindblowing.
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